What are the different bunch sizes?

We offer 5 different sizes on our website. Petite, Grande, Lush, Luxurious and Abundance. 

We send out each of bouquets in our signature Scent bags, the bag used depends on which size you order.

Our petite posies are sent out in our small bags. These are 16cm wide and 20cm high. The petite posy will be approx. 16cm in diameter.

Our grande posies are sent out in our Medium bags. These are 23cm wide and 21.5cm high. The Grande posies are approx. 23cm wide. 

Our Lush posies are sent out in our Large bags. These are 26cm wide and 23cm high. The Lush posies are approx. 26cm wide.

Our Luxurious and Abundance posies are delivered in our extra large bag. These are 30cm wide and 27cm high. The Luxurious poses are approx. 29cm wide. The Abundance posies are approx. 34cm wide. 

These sizes are to be used as a guide, each size may vary due to season and will differ florist to florist based on the technique used.