Enviromentally Friendly - Scent Floral Boutique NZ

Enviromentally Friendly

We are proud to announce that we have made changes to lower our carbon footprint  as much as we can and will endeavour to make more change as we continue to grow as a business.........

Scent is using plant base bags for our wet wraps - biodegradable. We have updated our product on the website to using all NZ made product and 90 percent of the product we sell in our gift baskets are Wellington made, along with purchasing NZ grown flowers from the local flower market - some of our Wellington made products are delivered to us on bicycle. We are doing as many local deliveries as possible by foot (CBD) to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

If you are familiar with our website and products and would like to offer any suggestions please feel free to email us at info@scentboutique.co.nz



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