Christmas Time  ....  a time for giving. - Scent Floral Boutique NZ

Christmas Time .... a time for giving.

Christmas time at Scent. It means people ordering gorgeous flowers for table settings, homes, clients and saying thanks to all that have helped them through the past year. It brings gratefulness, panic (that they aren't choosing the right gift), or fear that they have left someone off their list, it shows endless amounts of love and gratitude .... I love it.  It is both exhausting and exhilarating.

We at Scent chose to give to those in need this year, thanks to all of you that have purchased flowers from us over the last nine years - you made this happen!  I purchased 50 gifts for fifty foster children who had a day at Premier house - the gifts were all personalized and handed out by Santa and Mrs Claus (the Prime Minister of N.Z). My heart sang very loud songs this day. X

Thank you for a year filled with flower lovers, gift givers and amazing clients.

The Scent team wish all of you a Merry Christmas and if you know anyone who is really in need and struggling please send me an email as we will be doing a whole lot of community giving in 2018.  

Festive wishes to you all. X










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