Introducing Verdi July 08 2015

Verdi is our new and shiny beautiful retired Guide Dog who has been adopted and found her forever home with Ingrid and Scent. In her short 6 years she has already had 5 different homes/owners while training, being fostered and then working as a  Guide Dog. She has settled in well to her new life and loves spending the day in the shop with us - she gets lots of walks, attention and hugs and spends her day wrapped in a blanket when she is in bed.  Her previous owner who she worked for often comes into the shop for a visit.  Verdi is usually in on Wednesdays and Fridays, pop in to say hi or give her a hug!  X


Verdi, warm and cosy tucked up in her bed in the shop.

Verdi at the markets on a frosty Wellington morning.