Fun, fresh flowers, frolicking and fundraising......Karen Louisa Foundation

We love our job here at Scent and sometimes other than making peoples day special and look beautiful we also get to donate our time and skills to special causes - one of which we are proud to help with is the Karen Louisa Foundation - they are doing great things for cancer research .... Karen's family is a very special one and it is our pleasure to help them.  We have held the launch party and we have also had 'fiesta' both of which raised enough money to 'make a difference' so hopefully one day people don't have to feel the pain and suffer the loss that Karen's family and friends are going through.....our hearts go out to them here at Scent and we want to do something to help, we can't do much to heal the pain or anything to fill the void but we can help them to help make a difference.....


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